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Main Engine / Auxillary Engine :

We supply ships spares world wide direct to many ship Owners, Managers and Trading co’s. USTL can quote competitive prices and availability for spares for  SULZER, M.A.N, B&W, MITSUBISHI, PIELSTICK, STORK WERKSPOOR, DAIHATSU, YANMAR, ALLEN, WARTSILA, SKL.

We can locate & quote best competitive price for many other engine makes. Our technical team can respond immediately to your request and can locate and supply ships spares to anywhere in the world at most convenient rates.

Our aim is to supply the correct item, at the right time, with a standard price in order that spares do not delay a vessel's routine. We are sure you will favour us with your vessels requisition and look forward to future contact.

26 Mtbh 40, 30/45, 5 Al 25/30, 5t23lh, 6 Al 25/30, 6 Pshtc 26d, 62 Vt2bf 140, 6t23lh, 74 Vt2bf 160, Allen 6bcs 12d, Allen 6bcs 12dx, Allen Bcs 12d, Allen Bcs 12dx, Aux Engine B&W 5t 23 Lh, Aux Engine B&W 6t23 Lh, Aux Engine Daihatsu, Aux Engine Sulzer 5 Al 25/30, Aux Engine Sulzer 6 Al 25/30, B&W 26mtbh 40, B&W 5 T 23lh, B&W 6 T 23lh, B&W 62 Vt2bf 140, B&W 74 Vt2bf 160, B&W Dkrn 50/110, B&W K62ef, B&W K74ef, B&W K84ef, Caterpillar, Connecting Rod Bearings, Connecting Rod, Connecting Rods, Conrods, Crankpin Bearing , Crankpin Bearing Shell, Crankshafts, Cyl Heads, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Cover Insert, Cylinder Cover, Cylinder Covers, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Liner, Cylinder Liners, D/G Set Daihatsu, Daihatsu Engines, Daihatsu Ps 26d, Daihatsu Pshtc 26d, Daihatsu, Engine Crankshaft, Engine Frame, Engine Piston Crowns, Exhaust Valve, Fuel Injector, Fuel Pumps, Injector Nozzle, Inlet Valve, K62ef, K74ef, K84ef, Kz 70/120/E, Main Bearings, Main Engine B&W 50 Vtbf 110, Main Engine B&W 50/110, Main Engine B&W K 62 Ef, Main Engine B&W K 74 Ef, Main Engine B&W K 84 Ef, Main Engine Man 30/45, Main Engine Man Kz 70/120/E, Main Engine Sulzer Rd 68, Main Engine Sulzer Rd 76, Main Engine Sulzer Rd 90, Main Engine Sulzer Rnd 68, Main Engine Sulzer Rnd 68m, Main Engine Sulzer Rnd 76, Main Engine Sulzer Rnd 76m, Main Engine Sulzer Rnd 90, Main Engine Sulzer Rnd 90m, Main Engine, Man 30/45, Man 40/54, Man Kz 70/120/E, Man Kz 70/120/Ek, Man Kz Dmr 70/120/E, Pielstick Pc 2.2, Piston Crown, Piston Head, Piston Lower Part, Piston Rings, Piston Rod, Piston Skirt, Piston, Ps 26d, Pstb 26d, R 22 Hf, Rd 68, Rd 76, Rd 90, Rnd 68, Rnd 68m, Rnd 76, Rnd 76m, Rnd 90, Rnd 90m, Skl 6nvd 48a-2, Skl Nvd 48a-2, Sulzer 5 Al 25/30, Sulzer 6 Al 25/30, Sulzer Al 25/30, Sulzer Engine Parts, Sulzer Rd 68, Sulzer Rd 76, Sulzer Rd 90, Sulzer Rnd 68, Sulzer Rnd 68m, Sulzer Rnd 76, Sulzer Rnd 76m, Sulzer Rnd 90, Sulzer Rnd 90m, Wartsila R 22 Hf, Yanmar 6 Mal, Yanmar 6 Mal-Ht, Yanmar 6 Mal-Hts,